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November 1st is my good friend Alain ’s birthday who is a Cultural Minister in France. This photo was taken last year when we were invited to the mayor’s home. At that time, I promised to give him a drawing of mine as a birthday present,  so I decided to choose this photo of him  as a reference.


Alain loves Chinese traditional cuture very much. and has a much deeper understanding than many of my chinese friends, so I first chose the Chinese dragon as a background with an angelic light and he is reading an old Chinese story.


After finishing the basic draft, I found his body to be a little short, so I made it longer. Meanwhile I was thinking if I give him this drawing as a gift, what about his next birthday? What should I take?  I’d rather give him the Chinese zodiacs as a background, this year is the cow , next is tiger, and it will be much more funny, so I change d the dragon in to a cow.


All color was done by hand, my tools are markers.


I begin with his face dark and set the basic brightness.



After this foundation, I give it a hint of color — a little light red which was much more close to the skin.


I think the key to a portrait is the eyes, but i didn’t ink the right eye well. This mistake made the right eye a little bit bigger.  I just had to leave it there and adjust it after finishing.


He has a classic westerner’s face, nose and eyebrows.


His face was almost finished at this point.


I begin to paint his clothes, first setting the basic colors.


I pave the basic brightness.


I wrote his name, and then, I accept my wife ’s advice by titling the book he is reading “Lucie”, which is his wife’s name. The cow is drinking a cup of milk, and holding the brochure of our art exhibition.


Add more bright color


Detailed and in depth


Designed the text: Alain, 2009, Year of the Cow, Happy Birthday, Nov 1st.




This took me almost 6 hours.


Alain, happy birthday!


I realized hadn’t shaved so I took the photo once again.

My old friend, happy birthday!  Let us enjoy a healthy body and heart, as we need them to save the world!


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  1. Tiamate

    That is just so sweet :) . Happy Birthday Alain!

    November 1, 2009 at 6:50 am
  2. Jasrah

    The cow is very funny xD !

    November 1, 2009 at 12:50 pm
  3. free ads

    Thank for this great story, nice to read and i enjoy so much… happy happy to you

    November 19, 2009 at 1:15 am

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